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No nonsense. Just practical application of timeless principles to cultivate meaning and peace in our lives.

Do you desire  a simple and easy way to  convert LESS into MORE?

LESS                                       MORE

Feelings of Unease   --->   Feelings of Well-Being

Being at Effect          --->   Being at Cause

Accidental                 --->   Deliberate

Reacting                    --->   Responding

Self Destruction       --->    Self Cultivation

Unconsciousness     --->    Self Awareness

Stress                         --->   Peace

Loneliness                 --->   Connection

Self Doubt                  --->   Self Confidence

Being Lost                 --->   Having Purpose

Running Away from Yourself ---> Running TO Yourself

A Life Squandered    --->   A Life Well Lived

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Lifetimes’ worth of lessons, gathered from a variety of sources, are presented as easily digestible nuggets of wisdom, helping you focus every day on how to upgrade yourself and live an enriched life.

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Brought to you by the folks who brought you the book:

(That is, mostly me, and with the help of some amazing friends.)

Would you like to move your actual self closer to your ideal self, one simple, easy step at a time?

Then let’s get straight to the point.

*There is no sudden enlightenment*

*There are no soul families that we can verify*

*There are no pre-incarnation soul contracts that we can prove*

*We are not star seeds*

*You are not a goddess*

*I am not a shaman*

*We are just messy, beautiful, awkward, striving, hungry human beings.*

However, you ARE Love and Light.

You are also darkness, sadness, grief, loneliness, despair, anger, hatred, resentment, blame, judgment, longing, desire and fear.

Wouldn’t you rather move from the darkness towards the light?

So let us bypass the modern spiritual bypassing, the cliché catch phrases, and the gurus in golden robes.

Let us GO STRAIGHT TO GOD – let us get down to what is real and true.

Let us live fully – or at least as best we can – before we die.

Bullshit not included.

In Spanish, they say “Al Grano”, or “To the grain”. It means STRAIGHT TO THE POINT.

Get straight to the point for as little as $2.50 per month for a new life lesson every day.

You can’t afford $2.50 per month for a massive positive impact on your life?

Oh really?

It is probably less than you spend on coffee, donuts, chocolate, ice cream, beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, Netflix, lipstick, hookers and blow, guns and ammo, self-storage units and your Tinder and Grindr subscriptions.

Do these things really make your life better?

Okay, perhaps some of them really do make your life better.

However, considering your monthly budget for such expenses, you definitely can afford an infusion of inspiration and motivation to upgrade your life for LESS THAN A DIME A DAY.

Your life will become far more vibrant, enriched and fulfilling, for a fraction of the cost of these other joys of life.

Furthermore, when you go on dates, or have dinner with your in-laws, you’ll have endless topics of conversation, all for the price of one latte per month.

You are welcome.

Cancel any time.

After 30 days, trust me, you won’t want to.

Still don’t believe me?

Then read the book first!

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Or take it from Boulder, the IT genius behind this project:

“As I was programming the first 99 Life Lessons into the system, I realized they were having a deep and profound impact on my life.”

The first 99 Life Lessons will whet your appetite, you will long to keep going.

You may intuitively know these life lessons already, but you have forgotten.

Here is your gentle reminder.

In remembering and applying these Life Lessons, the magic begins to increase in your life every day.

After your first 99 Life Lessons, you will not want to live your next year without 365 more!

You will long to know what comes next.

Since we keep coming up with new life lessons, you may never see the same lesson twice.

And THAT is why you want to start today.

When you apply these lessons in your life, it will bring far greater goodness than one latte per month will ever do.

Enjoy one short, sweet life lesson delivered directly to you every day. One simple, effective and empowering wisdom insight for you to reflect upon and implement in your life.

  • No Spam.

  • No Hassle.

  • Upgrade your life.

  • Live with meaning and purpose.

  • Discover your true nature.

  • Stay focused on fully living before you die.

Why trust me?

Because I am knee deep in the mud, mucking around, doing the work, and sharing it with you.

No bells, no whistles, no fancy ancient languages, no gurus, no spiritual cults, no golden robes . . . Well, okay perhaps a few mantras. Repeat after me: “I am relaxed.”

Just practical application of timeless principles to cultivate peace in our lives.

How did 365 Life Lessons come into existence?

For decades, I have felt something was missing from my life.

A persistent and lingering agony and despair has kept me from ever feeling content or fulfilled.

For over forty years, I have lived this way.

Discomfort is a powerful catalyst for learning and growth.

For over a decade now, I have been collecting lessons learned through my own search for meaning and peace, as well as from the experiences of others.

Now, I am doing my best to apply these life lessons towards living a peaceful, meaningful and enjoyable life.

The goal is to gather, remember and apply wisdom and insight, by implementing these lessons for the betterment of myself and all those whose lives I touch…

And to share them with you.

Life is still a work in progress.

I am not perfect, or an enlightened master.

The journey is not complete.

The destination is death.

Between now and the time we die,

How enriching of a life can we possibly live?

This is the question we are exploring.

Each Life Lesson is a piece of the puzzle that begins to answer this question.

Am I complete? No.

Am I totally healed from all traumas? No.

Am I on my path towards greater

  • Peace • Happiness • Prosperity

  • Abundance • Freedom • Fulfillment

  • Connection • Awareness • Compassion?

I sure freakin’ hope so!

So let us journey along this path together, starting today!

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